FYI, the January issue of Thoroughbred and Classic Cars will feature a 968 buying guide.  The December issue is currently on newstands.

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OK, the issue hit the newstands.  Overall, nothing new, but a few errors need to be mentioned.  First, they mention that 14 Turbo RS cars were built; obviously they confused this with the Turbo S, which wasn't mentioned at all.  Next, they state that CS and Sport models came without underseal-I'm 99% sure that isn't so, but maybe one of our Brit friends can confirm that?


Finally, the pinion bearing problem was mentioned as 'some parts can suffer from track use or high miles.'  Not really true, because many cars with high miles or track use don't suffer from this, it seems more 'if it had improper preload when built then it'll have a problem later on' type issue.  They do mention its 'cultish club following' as a positive.


Finally, under websites, they list first www.porsche968uk.com then www.968.net as the two available.


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