I have a friend with a 1993 porsche 968. With 28,443miles on it. I will tell you as much as I know about it. I had just returned from europe as a teenager and moved to scott afb in illinois.(air force brat) any how I was 17 at the time and thats when I met josh. This was in 1996. We are the same age. His father told him if he was to get a golf scholarship he would take him to isringhausin. I know I spelled it wrong but it is in springfield illinois. You can google it. Well josh got the scholarship and he choose the 968. The car is black with tan hides. Its a 6speed manuel. Itdoesnt have lsd as far as I know. But it is a very clean example and probably one of the lowest mileage 968 here in north america. His father had owned porsches and has a great appriciation for these cars. I spoke to josh brother and he told me josh actually had the car transported to the dealer for service!! Josh just told me he just had the hoses replaced on the car. And said it just needs a good detail. I havent seen the car in years. Im 33 right now but I assume its in great condition and has been garaged. The question I have is what he should ask for it. Selling price?i asked if he had much service records and he didnt say he had much. Which is probably true since he never really drove it. I have seen 968's go for 18grand with 50k onthe odometer. But I also realize alot has to do with the market. So he asked me to get a feel on whats a fair asking price. Otherwise he will run it through an auction. Any help from you guys is appriciated! Thanks! As soon as he send pics I will post. Also the car is 100% stock except he added a cd player years ago.

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Assuming eBay is your auction location that might not be a bad spot. eBay gets plenty of exposure. As for the car, the low mileage is great but the unique cars are usually the ones that command a premium. Black with tan is the forth most popular color combo with 188 produced. the low mileage/one owner will help. A 19K mile 968 coupe just sold on ebay for $18K but that was a tip which hurt the value. I would think your buddy could get around $21K or so for his.



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