Well, what a surprise to see 968.net is back. What was it??? 1998 when I first visited and met Damian and Raj and Ray. Welcome back Ray. Looking forward to hearing what you've been up to 968-wise over all these years. Jeff

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That was 2000 for the initial 968 meet.
Damian, I was thinking about 968.net. Remember when it was really old and had the old style posting forum? That must have been around 1998???
Ah, the original FrontPage forum. All linear, all the time. After a few months it took forever to load, remember? To see snapshots of the old sites, check out The Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Please, no laughing at my horrid Photoshop skills.

I bought my first 968 in August of 1998, registered the domain in October, worked on the site over the Christmas break, and launched it in January of 1999. I, too, am looking forward to renewing old friendships.
Did your wife help in the 'rebirth' of the site? :)
Ha! No, she's not too happy about the time commitment, although I earned some points from her by selling two sets of rims. The garage is looking less like a 968/Range Rover/RV parts bin and more like, well, a garage.

Thankfully with this new site all members can contribute, so I won't get in the way as much.
Probably around then, yes Jeff. Hopefully when Ray gets done he can bring all the threads back.
I'm a little suspicious...
I'm in.....been a long time!
I was always hoping this site would come back sometimes.

At the beginning it had a very friendly and respectful athmosphere...let's bring it back to that.

By the way, I guess everybody had to sign up new?
Then for Europeans there is a glitch in the signup. You need to put a US state in order to be accepted.
I put for now MA which I hope stands for Massachusets, the state my car was first registered.

Greetings to all, T.
Yes Pitou, MA does stand for Massachusetts. A word of advice hold on to your wallet, they will take your green anyway they can around here.
green for green card or dollar bills?


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