Have recently acquired a 1993 968, which was in not to good condition, based on not being on the road for over 5 years (though regularly turned over). Gradually getting it back up to spec. So far totally detailed, new tires, replacement clutch. New fast road brake pads, S/S hoses due for delivery tomorrow, will skim the discs and supercharger kit on order.

Previous cars owned include 944 and 951 and currently also a BMW M3 (E46)





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Great to have you on board, Gerry! I wish I'd know you were in Mijas-Costa last fall, when I drove right through there (on the E-15) traveling from Granada to Gibraltar. My wife and I loved Spain, and hope to return soon.

Sounds like you're on the right path with your 968, but I gotta hear more about the supercharger! Supercharged 968s are rare. Please keep us in the loop as you rebuild your baby.

There are two superchargers on the market at the moment and another kit coming on line in the next few weeks.
Welcome Gerry!

I am about to acquire a 968 from Japan. Any comments or advice is welcome. Thank you.

Guy Cools
Knowing the japanese the car will be probably in very good shape and well maintained.
Nevertheless...do the ususual things.

Ask for the maintainance records, get a PPI and test drive if you can...

On the 968 I cannot give you much advice as I bought it cheaply as a hobby car, knowing it required a lot of work to bring it back to spec. Work that I plan to do myself. Although it didn´t have a full Porsche dealer service history, it did have a reasonable set of records, including full belt change at 88,000 kms. I will do a camshaft chain change when I install the supercharger. Other than that it is 17 y/o so will change the brake hoses for S/S ones, skim the discs and change the pads. Tyres were changed and upgraded as they were over 5 years old and clutch also as it was down to the rivits, though flywheel was fine.
For my M3 , which I paid a lot more for, I insisted on full dealer service history and a 1 year warrenty, which saved me a lot of money as several expensive failures occured in the 1st year of ownership. One of the problems with BWM is that in a lot of cases you cannot buy repair kits, but have to replace with a new unit. Not so generally with the Porsche.



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