One of my local Rennlist buddies has a GT3, Ferrari Daytona coupe, and a 3,000 mile silver/red interior (one of three, one being in the factory museum) Lamborghini Anniversary Countach.  He wanted to go for a little cruise today, so we met at 4 and hit some country roads.


We made quite the scene, but what impressed me was that other than long straights he couldn't 'pull' me.  My car is much more nimble and planted, even though we shared the front engine/rear transaxle (not withstanding his car is a decade older design).

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pictures please
Not yesterday, but last fall.
Here's the front end.
Back at the Daytona owners modest home-on 17 acres. He had us all over for lunch one day after our Cars and Croissants meet.


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