I had an '88 944 Turbo for 15 years. I do not recall significant noise from the rear of the car. My '95 968 6 speed coupe does have noise coming from the rear. It sounds like maybe bearings need maintenance or the transaxle. It could be normal for the car. I have 17 inch stock wheels with new Goodyears mounted. When I change gears, there is no change in the nose level like it starts all over with the next higher or lower gear. It is constant which makes me think of bearings, axles, etc. Any insight is appreciated.

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Sorry, bad news for you Jeff. It sounds like your 968 is suffering from the dreaded pinion bearing issue. although only a small percentgage of the 968s have this issue it is still the biggest "bug" with the production 968. Do a google to learn more on the issue and the repair.

Thanks Jeff. I will google and see what I am in for.


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