I have the common odometer bug, probably the little gear. The instructions from the odometer gear guy say to remove the steering wheel to remove the panel. That is a pain in the neck. Can the cluster come out without removing the steering wheel?

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Yes. If you have never removed the instrument panel before, best bet is to remove the steering wheel.
Just disconnect the batt. for about an hour before and make sure there is a mark to put the steering wheel back in the same position.
Have repaired the odometer on both my 968's,so I have some practice.
Make sure you replace any burned out bulbs, even clean off the dust on the bulbs.
There are alternate bulbs to put in for the instrument panel that are brighter if you need them to be.
Personally,I use led bulbs.

how do you remove a wheel that has the air bag?

Disconnect the battery for about an hour.
After that there are two torx screws at the rear of the steering wheel. Unscrew them I don't think mine would come completely off th st. wheel, not sure. Pull airbag away from wheel...slightly.
Disconnect wire from airbag.
Place airbag in a safe place with bag facing up.
Make sure wheel is somehow indexed, remove nut, remove wheel. Should pull off easily, I did not need a puller.

If you do, the exclamation/truoble light will be on until you take it to the dealer to be reset.
Ask me how I know.

Thanks for the caveat on reconnecting the airbag before reconnecting the battery. I'm working on the gauge cluster illumination repair, odometer gear repair, complete dash removal to replace the AC evaporator, restoring the tiptronic shift lever to original configuration (previous owner had defeated the park - reverse lockout feature) and other glitches associated with a 20 year old automobile. I have owned my 1992 968 for nine years and this is my first time doing repair/restoration work myself.

Again, thanks for helping me to avoid that mistake. I hope to become an experienced member of 968.net and help others also.

Thanks very much.
I think i will wait until fall so I don't have to take her off the road during "top down " season.
The advice is much appreciated .


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