With summer comes high temps, and I am noticing that the oil pressure reading drops down to just below the 2 at idle and about the 3 at some times when under speed. Does anybody think this represents a problem? Oil usage is not really out of line. I put in a quart about every four tanks of gas or so.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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That seems like a lot of oil.  I might put in a quart every 3,000 miles or so, and while anecdotally some of our cars seem to burn a little more oil if they sit for extended periods, your pressure seems a little low.  On a very hot day, mine will stay near 5 until the car is warmed up, and then it will drop to 2.5 at idle and full temperature.  The spec is pretty low, though, I think something like a minimum of 1.8 is acceptable but that's from (long term) memory.

Thanks for your reply. Mine starts out at 5 (oil pressure) and on days in the 80s it will stay around 4 or above under load. When it is near 100 degrees, it will drop down to a 3 for brief periods when I'm idling in town. If I get out on the road and start driving again, the oil pressure will go up again. I probably should have made better observations at first. 

My thoughts on oil usage were kind of off the cuff. I will do a better job of tracking that to see if it is less. There is a leak in the rear main seal, but I don't see any smoke coming out of the tailpipe at all. I wanted to wait before repairing the rear main seal, but maybe it's time. Sigh.

Thanks again.

 Monte, sounds pretty normal. My Tip Does drop to 2.5 on hotter days, but I am using 15W40 in it.

The 6 speed and 951 stay at 5 pretty much all the time with Valvoline 10W50 VR1.

Im changing them to 15W40 at next oil change and will check the hot oil press then.

Useage does seem a bit high, have you checked plugs?



Have not checked the plugs, but will do that and let you know. Thanks for the info about the oil pressure. Did you see the article about Jeff and 968s in the latest Excellence Magazine? It is great!



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