In case the heading wasn't sufficient, I will elaborate.


I LOVE the idea of being able to do some periodic maintanence on my 968, but I have one glaring deficiency.....


I have the automotive IQ of an idiot. 


My dad is not a car guy but can appraise your artwork.  Grandpa only knew how to operate the pull tab of a beer can.  No brothers.  No automotively inclined friends.  No hope.


To wit....I changed my air filter and was proud of myself for the whole day.


I know.........


I would like to change my rotors and brakes.  I have researched online, youtube, etc.... for some videos, and found a few, notably for changing the brakes on a boxster.  I am wondering if that procedure is similar to changing the brakes on my 968.


My main concern is safety.  I want to make sure that if I do any kind of maintanence, I don't do something that may place anyones life in jeopardy when I'm going 60 MPH on the highway.


My PCA region (Reisentoter) is taking the winter off.  When we start having meetings, I am determined to learn enough to (hopefully) allow myself to perform some necessary procedures with a modicum of confidence.


As of right now, I simply want to get some advice on what everyone says is a simple,  straightforward procedure.


After all, I'm not trying to fix the space shuttle right? 


I will accept your ridicule as long as you also give me some advice I can use.



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Search for service and repair manuals. They give a good description of how to do most of the repairs.

First time you do it, invite a knowledgeable friend to oversee. It is not rocket science, and you should be able to do it.

You need a couple of tools, plenty of light, plenty of space, and more time than you budgeted. Also, a second car to chase parts...

Finally, eye and hand protection. Pad retaining clips are under pressure and usually go where you don't expect them. No big deal if you're wearing eye protection.  Brakes are dirty, wear gloves. 


 Good advice from LML.

Still best to have actual pics and or diagrams to look at. Get an idea of what parts are commonly replaced and which ones are apt to fail uncommonly.

Order in advance and research where to get the odd part you may lose or break.

I have 2 968s and a 951, they all 3 use the same rotors and brake pads. Have changed pads and rotors a few times.

 Make sure you follow the torque specs and check your bearings while you are in there (WYAIT)


There is a procedure for 944 brakes, essentially identical to the 968, posted on YouTube by a guy named Svenson. He has also posted several other videos that are helpful.

Good luck.



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