My seatbelt sign in the dashboard doesn't turn off anymore.
Not very vital to the car but kind of annoys me.

I checked so far the connector to the belt lock under the seat. Tried to jump it to see if the problem was there. No success.

Also I noticed when the problem appeared that it first flickered sometimes before turning off. Now it stays on all the time.

My suspicion is a faulty contact somewhere. 
Any ideas where to look?


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I think that I've got a similar problem with my 968 because the low oil level light is always illinated on the gauge even though the oil level is at the top of the dipstick an I've replaced the oil level sender unit kn the oil pan. The wiring itself also looks good but I haven't traced it all the way back to the passenger compartment yet.

I did some studying of the wiring diagram in the factory workshop manual but there were no other obvious places to look. I think the next potential step for both of us would be hooking up the Bosch hammer to the diagnostic port to see what's up.
Same on mine. I simply "snapped" the black contact pin up and down hard a few times (ie pushed it in and then let it go, do it a bunch of time) and it worked perfectly again. Cheap fix if it works.
which black contact pin?
The connector under the seat?
Sorry - a "lapse of reasoning". I did not read the post well enough and though that you said hand brake light. But there must be some similar pin or contact for the seatbelt too.

I drove your TWIN this AM and all was OK. It had not been driven since last fall 2009.

Hope I can help you out.

Remember from 1944 - The rain in Spain, is mostly on the plain. (typing lesson).

gil. (Gerry)
Hey Trev, sorry I went lame on responding on Rennlist, I got busy with work and put it to the backburner and forgot if I answered or not.

Have you checked the grounds yet?


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